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Marketing & Operation

Title: Ryanair – Marketing and operations alignment

Length: 2,270 words (10 pages)


Critically examine the role of operations and marketing within your chosen organisation in terms of how it helps the organisation to build and maintain competitive advantage. You need to examine from both a marketing and operations perspective. Some areas that you might consider, but you are not limited to, include:

  • Examine the extent to which operations and marketing work together to develop competitive advantage. What are the benefits to this interface in helping to develop competitive advantage?
  • How successful is the interface between the organisation’s marketing and operations strategies to develop / maintain competitive advantage? Where and how can improvements be made to these strategies?
  • Consider if there are any conflicts / challenges that occur between the two functions in developing and maintaining competitive advantage. How have these conflicts / challenges been overcome (or how might they be overcome)?
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Following points are considered to structure the essay:

1. The extent to which they work together to develop competitive advantage. How successful?

  • Competitive advantages of Ryanair
    Cost Advantage
    Differentiation advantage
    Value chain analysis
    Blue ocean strategy
  • Benefits to this interface in helping to develop competitive advantage

2. What’s the conflicts?

Only focus on price cannot retain customers. So Ryanair improves customer experience and deliver more value.

– Customer acquisition strategy
– Customer retention strategy
– Customer extension strategy
– Service recovery

3. How to improve?

Understanding the voice of customer (VOC)
House of quality
Quality function deployment (QFD)

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