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Coporate Growth

Title: Superstar Phenomenon

Length: 2,737 words (17 pages)


A major topic in the recent economics / strategy literature relates to the emergence of superstar or mega firms – firms that operate in multiple markets, enjoy large market shares across the globe, experience persistent high growth over a long duration, exercise enormous market power, invest in automation and hold large amount of cash. Your task is to write an essay to:

  1. Characterise superstar firms and explain if and how they differ from high growth firms;
  2. Explore the technological and market conditions, internal mechanisms and corporate growth strategies that drive superstar firms using relevant economics, management and strategy concepts and theories;
  3. Examine how superstars’ characteristics contribute to firm resilience and enable the firms to deal with deep recessions such as the Covid-19 recession; and
  4. Draw relevant strategy lessons from your analysis for how to develop resilient firms that could withstand negative economy-wide shocks.
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Following points are considered to structure the essay:

In order to be able to provide a deep analysis, with adequate theoretical conceptualisation. A more focused analysis is preferred.

Please ensure that you provide an explanatory analysis and move beyond pure description by using relevant concepts to shed light on your case.

Structure flow:

– The topic
– Importance of the topic
– Structure of the essay

Explain Superstar phenomenon
– Summary of theories
– Mechanisms (using facts of one firm in terms of productivity, investment, employment, price, IT, etc. as evidence to deepen my analysis)

Describe a case (using one firm as a case study)
Describe the corporate strategy of the firm and links between different strategies pursued by this firm

Apply the superstar theory to the firm (one firm)
– Using strategy concepts and models 
– How it affect other firms in the same section
– How the superstar characteristics of this firm enable it to deal with COVID-19
– Explore links between superstar characteristics and resilience of that firm.

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45 reviews for Superstar Phenomenon

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