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Organizational Behaviour

Title: Application of Motivation Theories to the Job of Data Entry Operator

Length: 2,679 words (18 pages)


1. DESCRIPTION: A brief description of the job, the job context and the main tasks and duties.


  • Apply THREE different theories of work motivation to the job to generate potential job changes with the aim to improve job satisfaction and work performance.
  • Evaluate these potential job changes to determine which ones are suitable for implementation. The evaluation criteria could cover, e.g., the ability of the job holders to adapt to the changes, the opportunity for the changes to occur in the organisation and return of investment of the changes. 
  • Based on your evaluation process, state the final job changes to be proposed.
  • Describe the expected consequences of the job changes for the job holders and organisation.
  • Consider if all job holders will react the same way to the job changes and explain why some job holders might react differently.

3. SUMMARY: Summarise and evaluate the above process as a technique to enhance work motivation.

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Following points are considered to structure the essay:

  1. Application of motivation theories
    List three different theories. For example:

a. VIE theory

b. Job characteristic theory

c. Goal setting theory

2. Evaluation

a. Which one is most suitable for the job you picked?

(Understanding the difference between potential and actual job changes).

b. State the final choice of theory

c. Expected consequences

(Deriving a realistic set of actual changes)

e. Consider if all job holders will react the same way to the job changes and explain.

Talk about individual differences.

(Why same job holders might react differently?)

3. Summary

Clearly the topic of motivation will be key to the assignment but other areas might also be relevant, depdending, on the nature of the change..individual differences, leadership and team working are the ones I would think could be very relevant – others might be depdending on the scale of the change.


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